About SRC

The Service Request Center (SRC) has been created to aid the City in addressing the needs of its citizens. The program was designed through a series of interviews with key city staff, enabling the creation of a customized website. It was developed to do what the City wants it to do. The program is capable of receiving a request for service, tracking the request through investigation, work order, and completion, and provides reporting and long tracking of all requests.

The potential benefits for this program are numerous. The resident of the city is provided with a "one-stop shop" approach with everything they need in one place. By creating an interactive environment that is user-friendly, the City can more effectively communicate with its citizens and respond to their needs.

The city employees will be able to respond more efficiently because the program runs efficiently. One example is that emails are sent as soon as a resident makes a request. Another important example is real-time reporting allows the employee to share valuable information across department lines. Implementing these program tools gives the city employee more time to do their job instead of chasing down paperwork.